My Top 10 Favorite Beverages

I love celebrating a National Food Holiday and today is National Beverage Day!  What better way than to celebrate with a list of ten of my favorite beverages in no particular order!

1.  Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita from PaleOMG!

I love watermelon, spice and margaritas.  This is the perfect combination for a warm

Summer night!  Remember this recipe is to make a whole pitcher.  Don’t get crazy now!

2.   Keto Lemonade from Healthful Pursuit

I tried keto for a few months and while I never experienced keto flu (I cheated a lot!) I still

loved this lemonade.  It has aloe in it which helps aid in digestion and helps with electrolytes and it was a nice change from water.

3.  3-Ingredient Green Smoothie from Cook Eat Paleo

I don’t loooove smoothies but every once in awhile I will get on a kick.  While smoothies may seem like a great option for breakfast a lot of them can be high in sugar because of the fruit content.  When it comes to a healthy smoothie you want lots of greens and limited amounts of fruit. This one is perfect.

4.  Coconut Banana Cream Pie Smoothie from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

I love coconut cream pie.  So. Much. No one else in my family will touch coconut so I never get to have it.  This delish smoothie gets me pretty darn close. It does have protein powder in it but this is a pretty reputable brand.  Go for it!

5.  Iced Bulletproof Turmeric Latte from What Great Grandma Ate

You know what bulletproof is right?  Or have you been living under a rock?  If you don’t know bulletproof coffee is when you blend your drink (coffee, tea, etc) with MCT oil, butter, coconut oil or another high fat and it gets all creamy and delish.  Some people throw in cocoa butter, collagen, protein powder or other yummy add ins to make their fave blend.

This is a wonderful concoction with all of the bulletproof benefits AND turmeric which has great benefits as well.  It is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Switch it up with this cold latte!

6.  Sippin’ Pretty from O’Dell

I love sour beers.  I especially love fruity sour beers.  This one is especially delish.

7. Paleo Hot Chocolate from Oh Snap Lets Eat

Summer is fast approaching I know but this is one of my all time fave drinks in the winter.  Creamy, chocolatey and delish. My 8 year old begs for it when it gets cold! You will too!

9. Watermelon Wonder Kombucha

If you have never tried kombucha it is time to give it a whirl!  This flavor is by far my fave and reminds me of a watermelon jolly rancher.  

10. Frozen White Citrus Sangria from Fed And Fit

So what if I have another favorite boozy beverage?  Don’t judge me. Just invite me over and make me this.  

Have you tried any of these?  Got a fave drink I should add to the list?  Add a comment! I would love to hear from you.   Have fun celebrating today! :)

Shaunna Maxwell